Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

The reason this site is brought to existence is a life story. The love of my life had a full blown brain aneurysm. Then being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis within the same year. The stroke (an aneurysm) took an immediate toll to her speech, vision, and mobility was totally affected. She started out in a wheel chair and had to learn to walk and Talk again. She got her vision back eventually. Life changed each day she graduated out of the wheel chair to a rollator do to her weakness and numb on her left side but still making progress to walking. After a short while, she went to a cane when her balance improved. She continued to improve in the next 10 months. Then a devastating diagnosis would be reviled. She learned she had MS and there was not a known cure. This happened in the same year.  This was a very challenging year and left her in a spin. Despite the setback, she was able to get all of her speech and mobility back.

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Then MS started showing it’s unrelenting ugly head, she lost her vision several times and then she had leg weakness and unbelievable pain. So she is back to the rollator. The symptoms continued to get worse, but a miracle from God almighty the numbness went away, she had gotten feeling back on left side and we were able to get a motorized scooter.  This was the freedom she needs to have confidence in herself. Mobility is freedom and changes lives. The victims of these awful diseases and injuries become the victors who feel they have started to beat their circumstances. This website is the portal for a new beginning for multitudes of victims to be freed from the mobility obstacles that so many people face every day. We will donate a percentage of each purchase to the MS society.

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